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Holy crap, has the Dino House been rockin'. I wish I wasn't too lazy… - The Mitch and Brown [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Mitch and Brown

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[Oct. 14th, 2006|03:30 pm]
The Mitch and Brown
[Current Location |effing library that eats my soul]
[mood |tiredtired]

Holy crap, has the Dino House been rockin'. I wish I wasn't too lazy to post pictures, AND that I could develop my own film (the Pony camera rides again!) Monday night's show was beautiful, and I love having Tony Presley stay at our house because 1)he looks like a movie star, 2)he's a fantastic performer, and 3)he always offers to do the dishes. I also enjoyed the show because it was the first house show we've had that a bunch of noisy, drunk people didn't come to just to chat loudly on the back porch and throw cigarettes into my flower beds.

Tuesday night, as evidenced in the previous post, I was feeling a little icky, but made it to Ms. Carter's for Forty Dollar Jug Night*. She made a splendid polenta dish with black beans, fresh avocado, cheese, and a collection of salsas. I ruined dinner with "Cake Batter" ice cream. If you see this in the ice cream aisle at IGA, DO NOT BUY. It is more like cake mix ice cream, and most of us finished ours out of a spirit of competition and masochism. We spent the rest of the evening thumbing through a crazy sculpture book of Alison's, which was really nice even though I know squat about art. We just looked and reacted and enjoyed the pictures. No scholarly discourse, no artistic dick-measuring. My artist friends are very lay-man friendly.

Wednesday, I again competed with Lost and Project Runway for time-slots. Craft night was a 4-gal affair, but we got a lot done. We made a group decision to start doing more diverse activities at Craft Night again, though everyone can still knit/crochet to their heart's content. I suppose if a member is especially motivated to do Knitting for Noggins, they can do a little on their own time. Halloween's coming up, and some people need to get going on their costumes. I won't tell you what we'll be, only that we could go by the names Spitty and Hugs.

Also! Beth Ibrahim will be showing people how to do 50 cent screen prints. If you are interested in this spectacle, just bring an image you'd like to print and an embroidery hoop big enough to go around it. Hoops are super-cheap. Also bring a black sharpie-- and that's it. We'll supply the mesh and modge-podge. Sounding weird? You'll be it is.

Thursday-- I slept a lot and bought flowers. Justin figured out cold fusion.

Friday was the Mitch and Brown 1-Year Anniversary Special, which meant lots of food, people, sped-up Michael Jackson records, me freaking out about not having enough food, me freaking out about having too much food, and Justin being pretty much fantastically supportive of my neuroses. Thanks to everyone who brought wine, champagne, coasters, flowers, cards, and food stuffs. Either we've got totally great supportive friends, or there's a rumor that Justin and I are going to give birth to the next savior.

Everybody go to the Delicious tonight for El Paso Hot Button. I hear it's.. er.. hot. Also, Happy B-day to Shannon Wallace.

the brown